Barlow History

By Clyde Soule

(Thanks to Ed Barlow for the extract)

The last time George Barlow came back to his homestead, they built a house near their northwest corner, as an east-west road was being built at the time, past their place. George and son, John, had work in North Battleford. John had moved up from Saskatoon in the early 1930s and located on the S.W. 1/4 of 23, C.P.R. land, to the east of us. John was in Wainwright, Alberta, soon after the fire that nearly wiped out the town. There was a lot of work rebuilding. It was there that he met and married Evelyn Wakefield who was employed in one of the banks. Their son, Berkley was born when they were in Saskatoon and a second son, Edwin, was born in North Battleford. Berkley was killed in an automobile accident about 1951. Edwin (or Eddie), as a young lad, was a member of and played in the Guelph, Ontario, Police Boys' Band. Later he joined the Canadian Armed Forces and has been in the band section for twenty years or more. He married Patricia Worton of Guelph. They have two children.

In September of 1938, George Barlow and John, his son, left the Molewood district and went to Detroit. They obtained work there, bricklaying. In November of that year, Mrs. Barlow and daughter, Wilma, were prepared to join them. Word came from John that his father had been held up by two armed men who had slugged him on the head and robbed him. He lived for four days but died as a result. John had the body taken to Windsor, Ontario, where Mr. Barlow is buried. John returned west soon after. Mrs. Barlow, Wilma, John and family came east to Guelph the summer of 1940. They have lived here or in the area since.

Mrs. Barlow died in Guelph, April 9th, 1946. Margarette Barlow married Walter Stapleton, a Molewood teacher, on September 30, 1933. He taught school for many years in Saskatchewan, then moved to British Columbia where he taught high school in Cloverdale and White Rock until his retirement in 1975. They have a son and two daughters.

Wilma Barlow married Robert McKeand of Glasgow, Scotland, February 22, 1943. Robert was a member of the Royal Air Force, getting training in Canada. After going overseas, he served in the Middle East. They have a daughter, Heather, who is married and has two children.