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If you wish to use any of these photographs on your website, please link directly to my webpage. The originals of these photos are in the possession of various McLeod/Fowler family members and have been kindly loaned to me for the purposes of scanning and placing on this site. If you wish to copy a photo, please e-mail me and advise accordingly. Your cooperation is appreciated.

(Go to the Fowler Family Descendancy Report to identify all of these folks)

I would like to thank Lee Gormley, William Harold Fowler, Patty LaPlante, Louella Ryan and Nancy Garver for their kind provision of some of these photographs

Presumed to be
John Fowler & Family -
photo found in
Fowler family bible
Samuel F. Fowler
ca. 1904
Omer Verain Fowler
ca. 1900
Bible originally
owned by
Sarah (Fairweather)
Signature of Sarah
Fowler in Bible
- 1872
Fowler Bible
Fowler Bible
How old is this leaf?
Jane Fowler,
Charles Witt
and Olive Fowler
Jane Fowler and sister,
Minnie Grandstaff
Uncle Abram
and Aunt Mellie (Trask) Fowler
John Fowler - 1893
Abbie, Caleb and
Annie Fowler
Rachel (Burns) Fowler
and daughters-
Hazel (Fowler) Morgan
Annie (Fowler)
Robert Sharp
Rachel Fowler
and daughters-
Louella (Sharp)
Gormley and
Sylvester Sharp
ca. 1917
Annie (Fowler) Sharp
with daughter
and grandson
Rachel Jane
(Burns) Fowler
Robert and Annie Sharp
Emma (Fowler)
Holt - ca. 1955
Caleb Fowler
and grandson
Samuel Fowler's in-laws
Harry Mansfield Fowler
Minnie (Paul) Fowler
Harry M. Fowler
Leslie E. Fowler
Sarah (Spicer) Fowler
Roy U. Fowler
Roy U. Fowler
William R. Fowler
Sarah (Spicer) Fowler
Sarah (Spicer) Fowler
and her twin brother,
Tweedie Spicer
Could this be
Caleb Fowler?
Could this be Sarah
(Fairweather) Fowler?
Houlton fire which
destroyed Rachel
Fowler's boarding
"Bluff House" -
hotel owned by Abram Fowler
Minnie Fowler
and children
Omer Fowler
ca. 1900
Text accompanying
preceding photo
Samuel F. Fowler and
Jane (Belyea) Fowler
Text on reverse of
preceding photo
Marion Fowler
Harold Mansfield
Betty and Jack
Fowler - ca. 1932
Betty Fowler
ca. 1934
Harold Mansfield

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