The following are excerpts from the Kamloops Sentinel newspaper from 1928 to 1954 as prepared for the Savona Community Heritage Committee by Edward Villiers

8 November, 1928

F.E. McLeod was a business caller in Walhachin on Saturday.

3 May, 1929

F.E. McLeod was a business visitor in Walhachin on Saturday.

31 May, 1929

F.E. McLeod of Savona was a business visitor in Walhachin on Tuesday.

10 September, 1929

It is gratifying to hear that Earl McLeod is resting nicely after his operation at the Royal Inland Hospital and hope to see him in good health again.

1 November, 1929

F.E. McLeod of Savona was a business visitor in Walhachin on Tuesday, on his way west.

24 October, 1930

F.E. McLeod, traveler for a Montreal firm, passed through Walhachin on Sunday on his way west. Mr. McLeod is very popular, especially with railway people, having been a dispatcher several years ago.

1 April, 1932

F.E. McLeod was a visitor to Walhachin on Friday evening for a short time.

17 June, 1932

F.E. McLeod of Savona was a visitor in Walhachin on Thursday afternoon.

10 March, 1933

F.E. McLeod of Savona was a business caller in Walhachin on his way west on Thursday afternoon. Mr. McLeod is travelling for an eastern Canadian clothing firm.

24 December, 1933

On the day before Christmas, Dave Massey had dropped into the McLeod household on his way home to Copper Creek. Massey was laden with a packsack and parcels and wore a heavy coat. Fred McLeod, Art's father, said to Dave; "You're not going all that way alone, Art will go with you." On the way to Massey's cabin, Massey became exhausted and told Art to make a fire for him then go on to his cabin and bring back blankets and some cooking utensils. When Art returned later with the articles, he found Massey had died and rolled into the fire. Massey was later brought down to the railroad at Copper Creek and put into a boxcar on a freight train for transport to Vancouver.

4 June, 1935

Savona Defeats Coalheavers Four to One. Players on the Savona team were; Hugh McNabb, pitcher; Clarence Wilson, catcher; Antoine Minnaberriett, 1st base; Earl McLeod, centerfield; Fenguson, left field; and Robert Styer, short stop.

27 August, 1935

F.E. McLeod is visiting in Edmonton for a week and meeting with his father, who is 82, and has made the trip from Boston across the continent to see his three generations of descendants. Mr. McLeod senior and F.E. McLeod are at present staying with F.E. McLeod's eldest son. (WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Mr. McLeod Senior was actually 88 at the time of this visit) (See the photograph taken of father and son at this time)

12 November, 1935

Mrs. F.E. McLeod was a Kamloops visitor on Saturday.

25 August, 1936

Mrs. LeBrier (sic) of Edmonton, eldest daughter of F.E. McLeod, is visiting relations here. She is accompanied by her two children and they will leave for home at the week end.

16 October, 1936

Fred E. McLeod is confined to his home with a strained back.

2 May, 1945

Miss Irene McLeod visited her home over the weekend.

22 August, 1945

Mr. & Mrs. Fred McLeod spent a pleasant holiday in Kamloops.

19 December, 1945

Mrs. Mel Hammill (sic) and her baby are here, the guests of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Fred McLeod

8 January, 1946

John McLeod was home on leave from Vernon to visit his parents Mr. and Mrs. Mcleod (sic) for the Christmas and New Year holiday. Miss Irene McLeod of Kamloops also was home for the Christmas holidays.

30 January, 1946

Thelma McLeod entertained a few young friends on her 12th birthday.

20 March, 1946

Fred E. McLeod is confined to his home by the flu.

10 April, 1946

A whist drive was held Friday evening at the Edwards' home. First prize winners were: Mrs. Bernard King and Lawrence McLeod.

15 May, 1946

Mrs. F.E. McLeod is home from the Royal Inland Hospital.

16 October, 1946

Mrs. Fred McLeod and her daughter, Irene, have returned from the coast where they had spent a month.

27 November, 1946

St. Paul's Cathedral church was the scene of a pretty wedding at 7 p.m. when Archdeacon C.H.R. Bradshaw united in marriage Irene Purdie, second youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.E. McLeod of Savona, and Stanley Edward Embury, youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Embury, 992 Nicola Street, Kamloops (see the wedding photo )

25 June, 1946

Mrs. Fred McLeod is home from Royal Inland Hospital where she had been a patient for a few days.

27 August, 1946

Mrs. Joe Florence and three children of Chu Chua returned home on Sunday after having spent three weeks with her parents Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. McLeod.

29 October, 1947

Births - Hamil (sic) - At Royal Inland Hospital to Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Hamill (nee Abbie McLeod), Savona, a daughter.

10 March, 1948

Mrs. Wakefield of Wainwright, Alberta, mother of Mrs. F.E. McLeod, stopped off for a short visit while en route home to Wainwright after spending the last few months in Vancouver. (WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This was actually Mabel McLeod's stepmother)

12 June, 1948

Births - Embury - At Royal Inland Hospital, to Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Embury (nee Irene McLeod), 709 St. Paul Street, Kamloops, a son.

3 August, 1948

Births - Florence - At Royal Inland Hospital, to Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Florence, Chu Chua, a son. (nee Joyce McLeod of Savona)

8 September, 1948

Mrs. F.E. McLeod is a patient in Royal Inland Hospital.

16 May, 1949

Mr. & Mrs. Fred McLeod are visitors in Alberta.

10 June, 1949

Mr. & Mrs. Fred McLeod recently visited friends in Alberta. Mr. McLeod returned but Mrs. McLeod will stay for a longer visit.

10 June, 1949

John McLeod was home from Chilliwack last weekend.

22 July, 1949

Mrs. Fred McLeod has returned home after a holiday in Alberta where she visited relatives whom she had not seen for many years.

18 July, 1953

Mrs. & Mrs. Fred McLeod and Mrs. Mal Hamill and girls went by train to Comox to attend the wedding of their son and brother, Lawrence McLeod (see the wedding photograph ).

27 July 1953

KOREAN WAR COMES TO AN END. In all 21,940 members of the Canadian Army served in Korea and Japan prior to armistice, in addition to sailors aboard destroyers. Including two men from Savona, Bill Ker and John McLeod.

2 December, 1953

Births - Hansen - At the Lourdes General Hospital, Campbell River, November 25, to Mrs. Norman Hansen (nee Thelma McLeod of Savona), a daughter. (Violet Mable).

8 March, 1954

Births - McLeod - to Sgt. (sic) Robert John McLeod, Royal Canadian Engineers, and Mrs. McLeod, Camp Shilo, Manitoba, a daughter, Dorothy Diane, 8 lb. 3 oz.

9 July, 1954

Mrs. Fred McLeod spent the weekend in Kamloops looking after her grandchildren while her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Stan Embury, were holidaying. Visiting Mrs. McLeod while in Kamloops were her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McLeod and their son Fred, of Quesnel, and her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Hansen and their daughter Violet, of Campbell River.

26 July, 1954

Gail and Elain (sic) Hamill of Abotsford (sic) are visiting their grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Fred McLeod. Gail has just returned from Niagra Falls, where she and her father, Mal Hamill, spent two weeks with her grandparents.

10 September, 1954

Three children were christened at the service held Sunday in St. Hilda's Anglican Church. They were the two sons of Mr. & Mrs. Stan Embury of Kamloops and the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John McLeod of Shilo, Manitoba.