(Published in the Kings County Record, January 19, 1933)


The death of Miss Phyllis McLeod, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hector McLeod, Southfield, Kings County, occurred on Monday at the home of her great niece, Mrs. James Turnbull, Queen Street, with whom she had made her home for the last nine years.

Miss McLeod, whose exact age was not known, although those who knew best think she was well past the century mark (**See Webmaster's note below), was born in Southfield. She later resided in Norton but for the last 49 years has lived in Sussex. She had not left her room for the last five years, and for the last two years had been bedfast.

Four nieces, Mrs. J.P. Feeney, Sussex; Miss Georgie McKenzie, New York; Mrs. A. O'Dell, Saint John, and Mrs. F.W. Weyman, Philadelphia, and one nephew, William McKenzie, Springfield, Mass., remain to mourn.

The body rested at the Wallace Funeral Parlors where service was held Tuesday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Rev. Canon C. Mansel Shewen officiated. Burial was made at Norton.

** Webmaster's note: The issue of Phyllis' age is curious. Her death certificate originally stated that she was born in 1831 and that she was 92 years old. Since she died in 1933, that would have made her birth year 1841. In fact, her death certificate was changed at the time (by person unknown) from 1831 to 1841.

The 1851 census lists her as a 10-year old and, based on other research, I have concluded this is likely the correct year of her birth. The confusion also continues in the 1901 census where 11 years appear to have been added to her age! I believe it safe to say that she was born in 1841.

The death certificate also states that her father was William McLeod. Based on my research and the obituary, this is clearly an error. (back to obituary)

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