The following are newspaper excerpts published at the time of the Saint John, New Brunswick, fire in 1864 which destroyed the home of Great Grandaunt Lydia (McLeod) Daye and her family

Daily Telegraph - 10 December 1864

"Great Fire at Indiantown (St. John). From the water's edge, the fire reached up Main St. on the south side to Cedar St. and on the north side to Charles St. At this latter place, it skipped about a block and a half and burnt 3 or 4 houses till arrested at Elgin St. We give the number of houses with the owners as they stood beginning at the south side of Main St. at the river. Israel Merritt, Wm Day" et al

New Brunswick Courier - 10 December 1864

"Terrible Calamity - On Friday morn. about half past one o'clock a fire broke out in the store of Israel Merritt on the public wharf at Indiantown (St. John)... About 150 families, comprising at least 600 persons have been deprived of their homes. 97 dwelling houses, exclusive of workshops and outbuildings have been destroyed with almost their entire contents and the whole part of Indiantown is now a scene of desolation. The "Globe" gives the following list of persons whose houses were destroyed: - William B. Day" et al