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If you wish to use any of these photographs on your website, please link directly to my webpage. The originals of these photos are in the possession of various McLeod/Wakefield family members and have been kindly loaned to me for the purposes of scanning and placing on this site. If you wish to copy a photo, please e-mail me and advise accordingly. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Mabel (Wakefield) McLeod's sister was Evelyn (Wakefield) Barlow. Read a little of the Barlow History

John Wakefield and Family - 1920s
Some Wakefield Siblings and Spouses - 1952
Evelyn Wakefield
Evelyn Wakefield
Jack and Evelyn (Wakefield) Barlow - 1960s
Evelyn Barlow in Uniform - 1941
Evelyn Wakefield - 1930s
Louise (Morris) Wakefield
Pearl and Evelyn Wakefield and families - 1951
Sigurd and Pearl Fevang and Family - 1945
Evelyn and Jack Barlow - 1966
Pearl and Evelyn and Children - ca. 1939
Evelyn Wakefield - 1922
Evelyn Wakefield - 1960s
Lawrence Wakefield and Unknown Lady - ca. 1917
Evelyn and Pearl - ca. 1970s
Evelyn (Wakefield) Barlow - 1980s
Evelyn Wakefield
Evelyn Wakefield
Wakefield Family
Lawrence Wakefield - ca. 1917
Cyril - an old boyfriend of Mabel (Wakefield) McLeod's
John Wakefield and Abbie M. McLeod - 1924
Pearl Wakefield With Art and Joyce McLeod - 1924
Pearl Wakefield and Art and Joyce McLeod - 1924
Louise and Robert Wakefield with McLeod grandchildren - ca. 1917
Wakefield Family - ca. 1917
Lawrence and Nellie Wakefield - ca. 1970
Mel and Lawrence Wakefield and Ed Barlow
Lawrence Wakefield - ca. 1918
Robert John Wakefield
Margaret Elizabeth (Willrick) Wakefield
Lawrence and Nellie Wakefield - 1927
Mabel McLeod and Velna Wakefield - 1947
Unknown Wakefield
Lawrence and Nellie Wakefield and Family - 1948
Velna Wakefield - 1950
Stan and Irene Embury with Edna and Velna Wakefield - 1950
Velna Wakefield and Irene (McLeod) Embury - 1950
Stan and Irene Embury with Velna Wakefield - 1950
Irene and Stan Embury
with Lawrence and Nellie
Wakefield - 1950
Mabel (Wakefield) McLeod
Lawrence Wakefield
Nellie (Kazerski) Wakefield
and daughter, Velna - 1950
Pearl Wakefield - 1920s

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