1. You may remember my mentioning that I'd written a "brief" history of our family. Well, I've posted it to the site and invite you to have a look. Be sure to mark your place, though, because it's not as brief as I'd originally intended!

    See the gravestone photo (bottom of the page) for Emma (Fowler) Holt (eldest daughter of Great Grand-Uncle Samuel F. Fowler, the preacher).

    See the marriage record of Grand-Uncle Herb and his first wife, Helena Tamlyn on the documents page

    New pictures on Herb's photo pageand on Grandpa Fred's photo page

  2. Oh, where to start?

    • Thanks to cousin, Fred McLeod, we have another batch of new documents. We have so many now that I've begun flagging the new ones so you can see them at a glance

    • Thanks to new-found relative, Nancy Garver, of Richmond, Virginia, we have a wonderful new photo of the Rev. Samuel Flewelling Fowler (Great-grandma Abbie's eldest brother). This one is very valuable because it's likely the only picture in existence of his first wife (new photos always at the bottom of the page)

    • Thanks to cousins Doug and Fred McLeod, we have more new photos on Grandpa Fred's photo page

    • More photos on the Wakefield Photos Page

  3. See the gravestone photos (bottom of the page) for Abram and Mellie Fowler (Great-Grandma Abbie's brother). They are buried just a few feet away from Great-Grandpa John, Great-Grandma Abbie and their daughter, Irva, and I probably walked right past their gravesite when I was in this cemetery in 2000. Thanks to my Yankee pal, Dottie, in Massachusetts, for taking the photos and sending them to me.

    I have also posted a photo of Uncle Lawrence McLeod's gravestone in Savona on this page.

    More new obituaries, death records and marriage records on the documents page

  4. More new photos! The photograph of Art McLeod and his flying machine came from the archives in the Northwest Territories - isn't it fabulous what you can find on the 'Net?

    See the photo and text of a Fowler "entertainer"

    See Grandpa Fred McLeod's telegraphy "bug" and "sounder" (minus some parts, but can't have everything!)

  5. Lots more new stuff!

    • More photos on the Fowler Photos Page

  6. "Spankie School of Dance"???? These photos are a hoot! (always at the end of the page). For a chuckle, see the two poems on the "Fun Stuff" page

  7. Get a load of the deals...! (always at the end of the page)

  8. Lots more new Fowler photos (always at the end of the page) and more new documents - have a browse!

  9. New Page! New Brunswick Genealogy Clues Repository - "clues" gathered from everywhere to assist New Brunswick researchers in adding leaves to their family trees!

  10. Lots more new photos (always at the end of the page)

  11. Holy Smoke! What isn't new? See:

    • New photo page added of our Fowler family. Great-Grandma Abigail McLeod's maiden name was "Fowler" and I have obtained copies of many photographs of her parents, siblings, their children, etc.

    • New death certificates, obituaries, funeral memoriams and letters - Scroll down to the "Letters" and read the personal letters from Great Grand-Uncle Samuel Fowler to his sister, Annie (Fowler) Sharp or read the touching obituary of "Little" Henry Fowler or read the flattering obituary of Baptist preacher, Sam Fowler, or read the new newspaper articles... the list goes on and on

    • More new photos of Grand Uncle Herb, Granny Mabel, Doris (McLeod) LaBrier, among others (always at the end of the page

  12. Read the newspaper article written by Great Grand-Uncle Samuel Flewelling Fowler, an itinerant Baptist preacher, circa 1890

  13. More great pictures (always at the end of the page)!

  14. See the death certificate of Grand Aunt Della's husband, Edward Hayward Lincoln

  15. See the "Daye" family Descendancy Report - this is the family of Great Grandaunt Lydia (McLeod) Daye

  16. Lots of new stuff added! See:

    • Many mentions of the Savona McLeods (including your humble Webmaster...) in the Kamloops Sentinel newspaper from 1928 to 1954 (Uncle Art probably didn't have a very nice Christmas...)

    • Two newspaper accounts of the great Saint John, New Brunswick, fire of 1864 in which Great Grandaunt Lydia (McLeod) Daye and her family lost their home

  17. See more new pictures of Fred McLeod's family (at the bottom of the pre-existing ones on the page)

  18. See more new pictures of Mabel (Wakefield) McLeod's family (plus spiffy pics of Stan and Irene) (at the bottom of the pre-existing ones on the page)

  19. Find out interesting and humourous facts about your family and their times at the new "Fun Stuff" and "Did You Know?" Page

  20. See the new gravestone photos for Mike and Doris (McLeod) LaBrier and Irven and Margaret (Clarke) McLeod.

  21. See the new pictures of Mabel (Wakefield) McLeod's family (at the bottom of the pre-existing ones on the page)

  22. See the new pictures of Fred McLeod's family (at the bottom of the pre-existing ones on the page)

  23. See the obituary of Lydia Ann (McLeod) Daye (one of great-grandpa John's sisters)

  24. See the obituary of William B. Daye

  25. Psssst... Wanna pay 1933 prices for your shoe polish, peanut butter and Corn Flakes? Click here for great deals!

  26. See the obituary of Phyllis McLeod (another of great-grandpa John's sisters)

  27. See the Death Certificate of Phyllis McLeod

  28. See the Jones Descendancy Report

  29. See the strange circumstances of the probate of the estate of Lydia (McLeod) Jones

  30. See Great-Grandpa John's Application for his Fenian Raid Bounty

  31. See Great, great-Grandpa Hector's Bad Debt for which his son, John Irvine McLeod paid! I love old documents...

  32. See the COMPLETE McLeod DescendancyReport from great, great, great Grandma Margaret McLeod and husbands Donald McLeod and Duncan Campbell down to Fred, Ira and Herbert - there'll be a test later!

  33. See the Fowler Descendancy Report - Great-grandma Abbie (Fowler) McLeod's Loyalist ancestors on down - no test on this one!

  34. See the Wakefield family photos (Granny Mabel's family)

  35. See the many new gravestone photos

  36. See the new photos of Fred McLeod's family (all new photos have been added at the bottom of the pre-existing ones)

  37. See the complete list of attendees at the McLeod Family Reunion

  38. See the photo of Hazel, Mildred, Carl and Don McLeod circa 1925 in Saskatoon

  39. See Fred and Mabel McLeod's obituaries

  40. See the great picture of Doris I. McLeod (and friend!) as a teenager

  41. See the log house believed to be Fred and Nora McLeod's first home in Mirror Landing (now Smith), Alberta

  42. Read the strange (but true!) story of John McLeod and the station agent's rifle

  43. See the new page of Fred McLeod's family photos (all new photos have been added at the bottom of the pre-existing ones)

  44. See the new photos of John, Abbie, Della and more (all new photos have been added at the bottom of the pre-existing ones)

  45. See the new photos of Herb McLeod (all new photos have been added at the bottom of the pre-existing ones)

  46. Read the presentation by John McLeod at the McLeod Family Reunion

  47. See the documentation - wills, obituaries, land grants and more!

  48. Read the poetry

  49. See the photo of Herb McLeod and Jean (Sward) McLeod

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