Probate Records for 1855 [RS74 -- film F 11544]

On 16 May 1855, William A. Jones makes a petition for an Administration Bond with respect to the estate of Lydia Jones. In the petition, he indicates that Lydia Jones died 3 May 1855 in the parish of Moncton without a will. She left one son, namely William, and three daughters, namely Martha, wife of your Petitioner (Webmaster's Note: Lydia dies on May 3 without a will and this fellow, William A. Jones, petitions to be the administrator on May 16 because he's married to Lydia's daughter, Martha... what this doesn't say is that William married Martha on May 10, one week AFTER Lydia's death. Hmmm... Lydia is hardly in the ground when this fellow marries her oldest daughter and less than a week later, he applies to administer the estate and have it all go to his wife... what's up with that?), Demous, and Lydia Alice, all which children excepting Martha are under age.

Your Petitioner prays that Letters of Administration of the Estate and Effects of the said Lydia Jones be granted his said wife Martha Jones.

Estate appraised and inventory done by William S. Constantine & Enoch Steeves. Total value: 108 pounds 8" 0